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Dan Andrew is a creative specialising in VFX, design & moving image. Over his career he started with offline in his early days, before moving across to compositing and VFX supervision.

This is where he developed a thorough in-depth knowledge of a wide range of post-production and CG animation techniques and skills.

He was responsible for the creation and running of the VFX / Design studio at Smoke & Mirrors for over 10 years residing there as a VFX Artist before becoming the Studio creative director. From there Dan moved on to set up and run a similar smaller studio for a London VFX boutique JAM VFX where he resided as Creative Director & Visual Effects Artist for 5 Years.

He has worked on numerous award-winning projects over the years, including two prestigious yellow pencil’s for D&AD as well as gold, silver and bronze Promax awards. He has also picked up a Midsummer’s award for best Visual Effects.

His background is arts-based, having studied graphic design and photography, Dan naturally moved into design-directing pieces including animation, motion graphics and live action VFX.

More recently having gone freelance, Dan has been working directly with directors, production companies & VFX companies who he has built up relationships over the years. A large percentage of that work has now become providing VFX collaboration or freelance services for UK episodic VFX series. 


Dan is currently based in Copenhagen with his family where he has his own studio in a post production shared space. He works remotely as a freelancer as well as with local visual effects houses and other remote designers, 3D artists and directors on small and large projects. Sharing his space with him in Copengahen are other VFX Artist, colourists & UI motion designers who all collaborate at times on larger projects.

If you would like to work with Dan please get in touch and enquire about his availability.


Some of the clients Dan had worked with over the years.

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